Crime Prevention/Fire Safety

If you are experiencing a life-threatening injury, illness, or other emergency, please call 9-1-1 immediately.

4 Steps for Safety

To help us better ensure your security while you're on campus, take these four steps:

  1. Make sure you've taken the steps on this page to receive Knight Alerts – automated campus safety alerts delivered via text message and/or email.
  2. Program the number for MGA University Police (478.471.2414) into your phone, so that you can easily contact them in the event of an emergency. University Police know the buildings and layouts of the MGA campuses and are better prepared to coordinate the response to an emergency.
  3. Review the campus' Emergency Response Plan to make sure you know what to do if an emergency occurs.
  4. If you see something, say something – if you see or hear anything, in person or online in social media, that could impact your safety or that of fellow MGA students, staff, or faculty, notify the MGA University Police at or by calling 478.471.2414. Online threats ARE real threats – don't dismiss threatening or dangerous activity just because it's happening online.

Plan, Prepare, React: Active Shooter Response options

The safety and security of our campus communities are our number one priority. For this reason, USG institutions have active shooter plans in place, which are reviewed annually as a part of their overall emergency operation plans. Every institution within the University System of Georgia has armed, state-certified law enforcement officers. Many USG police departments participate in training with various resources such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Law Enforcement training centers as well as conducting local exercises.

Review the MGA Active Shooter Awareness Guide here.