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Academic Programs

Bachelor Degrees

Applied Associate

Certificates (1 year)

  • Aircraft Structural Technology-Cert (Curriculum) (Eastman)
  • Aviation Maintenance Tech: Airframe and Powerplant-Cert (Curriculum) (Eastman)
  • Flight Technology: Airplane-Cert (Curriculum) (Eastman)
  • Flight Technology: Helicopter-Cert (Curriculum) (Eastman)
  • Logistics Management-Cert (Curriculum) (Online)

Certificates (< 1 year)

  • Airline Management-Cert (Curriculum) (Eastman, Online, Online-MGA Direct)
  • Airport Management-Cert (Curriculum) (Eastman, Online, Online-MGA Direct)
  • Aviation Safety-Cert (Curriculum) (Online)
  • Technical Operations Management-Cert (Curriculum) (Online)

Applied Bachelor

  • Technical Management (Formerly Business Management)-B.A.S. (Curriculum) (Online, Online-MGA Direct)