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Each summer the Middle Georgia State School of Aviation hosts a summer aviation camp for aspiring aviators. Kids between the ages of 10 - 14 may attend.

the University, and the School of Aviation will not be holding SkyCamp 2022 this summer. Thank you for your interest in MGA SkyCamp. We hope to be able to offer this camp next summer.

At SkyCamp, students will get to experience the following:

  • explore the weather, history, and physics of flight
  • build and launch rockets and gliders
  • become the pilot in our flight simulator experience 
  • tour MGA's air traffic control tower
  • fly in an aircraft
  • launch a space balloon
  • tour the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, GA

For more information about this summer program, please contact:

Andrea Yawn
Phone: 478.374.6700

Christy Faulk
Phone: 478.448.4703