Faculty FAQs

I have a student in my class who is not on my Banner class roll. What should I do?
The student may have been dropped by the Bursar's Office because of non-payment or simply did not register for that class. Direct the student to the Registrar's Office so that we can advise the student about what the problem is.

I have a student in my class who needs his grade before the end of the term to meet a requirement at another institution. (This may be admission or graduation).
We will work with students who need transcripts before the end of the term, but they must advise us of their requirements as soon as possible. A transcript request must also be completed. From your standpoint, you would need to enter the course grade in Banner Web early and e-mail or call the Registrar or Assistant Registrar when this has occurred. From that point, we can complete the processing in less than one hour at most.

I have a student who will not complete the work required for my course. I want to award him an Incomplete. What do I do?
You should discuss the requirements of the Incomplete grade with the student. The student must complete the work in sufficient time before mid-term of the following term if enrolled for that term. Students not enrolled have up to a calendar year. If the work is not completed in time, the "I" changes to an "F".

Where can I find the Quarter to Semester course conversion information?
Here is an extract from the Semester Conversion Information Book published in 1998, which should be available in your division.

What is the conversion for Quarters to Semesters and vice versa?
See below. To convert quarter hours to semester hours divide quarter hours by 1.5. To convert semester hours to quarter hours multiply semester hours by 1.5 (no rounding).

Quarter Hours to Semester Hours
1 = 0.67
2 = 1.33
3 = 2.00
4 = 2.66
4.5 = 3.00
5 = 3.33
6 = 4.00