Former Student Instructions

  • All former students who have not attended the college within the past 12 months of their last term of enrollment must re-apply through the online admission application system. A $30 application fee is required, regardless of the admission status of the student (i.e., Learning Support Dismissal, Academic dismissals, returning transfers). Paper applications will be made available upon request for students who have extenuating circumstances that would prohibit them from applying online but the $30 fee must be paid before the application will be accepted. Complete the online application here.
  • All former students who have attended within the past 12 months but have sat out for one or more terms are required to update their status if they have attended another college during that period or were on an academic dismissal/suspension for less than one year.
  • The update form may be used to carry the application forward to the next semester, up to one year, upon notification from the student of nonattendance for the anticipated term. Any absence of 12 months or greater will require a new application and $30 application fee.
  • All current students who are attending as a post baccalaureate student or transient student are required to update their status if they plan on continuing as a degree seeking student.
  • All former students who have attended within the past 12 months but have sat out for one or more terms are required to update their status if any of their personal information has changed. There is no fee required to be updated. Please complete the name/address change form. Complete name/address change form here.

Parking on Campus. When visiting the campus as a returning student you will be required to comply with the College's parking policy.

Academic Renewal. Former students who have experienced academic difficulty at Middle Georgia State University in the past have an opportunity to make a fresh start at the College after an absence of five calendar years from any post-secondary institution. While all previously attempted course-work remains on the student's transcript, that work is excluded from the student's academic institutional GPA. For more information, former students considering this option should refer to the online catalog for more details. Applications may be mailed to the Registrar Office's.

Transient Students: A former student who is planning to return to Middle Georgia State University as a "transient" student is indicating that he or she is currently enrolled as a degree-seeking student at another institution. In this status, transient students are enrolled at Middle Georgia State University for a brief period (usually a semester) to obtain course-work that they plan to transfer back to their home institution to satisfy degree requirements at that institution. Transient students are required to furnish a letter (transient permission letter or form) from their home institution indicating that they are permitted to attend MGA temporarily. Usually the transient permission documentation includes the courses they are expected to take. The College does not evaluate (for transfer credit purposes) any transcripts that may be furnished by "transient" students, nor are such transcripts required. Transient students are advised to request a transcript be sent to their home institution at the end of the term so that their course-work at Middle Georgia State University may be posted to their academic record at that institution.