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Transcript Ordering

How to order an Official Transcript

Middle Georgia State University has retained Credentials Inc. to accept transcript orders over the Internet.  Please click on the TranscriptsPlus image below to enter your order. MGA has appointed Credentials Inc. as the designated agent for processing and sending official electronic transcripts on behalf of MGA. The PDF transcript that is produced using this service contains the identical information as the printed transcript and can be certified as unaltered by uploading the file to the company’s website that is provided during the delivery process. Credentials Inc. has been granted the authority to deliver all such electronic transcript requests on behalf of Middle Georgia State University and respond to any inquiries regarding the transactions. If you experience issues placing an order over the Internet, you can call Credentials Inc. at 847.716.3005 to assist with placing your transcript request.

Orders may be placed through a student's Self Service SWORDS account or via the direct link to “Transcripts Plus”.

If you have an Active student information system account SWORDS portal CLICK HERE

All others will use this link:

  Transcript Plus logo
Click Here

(NOTE: All transcripts will be on Middle Georgia State University paper, regardless of when attended. When listing schools attended indicate (formerly Macon State College, Middle Georgia College, or Middle Georgia State College as applicable) to insure your recipient can match the transcript with your documents or application.)