The First Year Experience Program

The First Year Experience (FYE) Program at Middle Georgia State University is designed to help students get ready for the steady demands of college life. The goals of the program are to facilitate the student's transition to university life by developing skills to meet the challenges of higher education and fostering self-awareness and understanding of others. We are also dedicated to making available a wide variety of services and developing a community of life-long learners.

Your FYE program is meant to help you learn to study hard, find your way around campus, find friends, develop your interests, hone your academic and professional skills, and prepare you to become the smart, capable and interesting person that you want to become. The program provides important information about the kind of education that you'll receive, how to find and use resources at the university, and how to effectively utilize digital information.  We also help students set immediate academic and long-term personal and professional goals, help students find connections, direction, and professional associations, and help them build rich intellectual, social, and professional lives.

 The objectives of this Program are:

  • To connect students with other students - i.e., to facilitate student formation of peer-support networks and peer-learning communities;
  • To connect students with Middle Georgia State University - i.e., to foster student appreciation of the meaning and relevance of the college curriculum (liberal arts & sciences), to promote student involvement in the co-curriculum (out-of-class experiential learning), and to increase student utilization of campus support services (academic-support and student development services); and
  • To connect students' present college experience with their future goals/plans - i.e., to enable students to integrate their current curricular and co-curricular experiences with their decisions about their college major and their future career path.