Comprehensive Program Review

The comprehensive program review (CPR) process is critical to the continuous improvement of academic programs as well as the planning and resources allocation process. CPR occurs in a regular cycle and includes an assessment of programs and the use of assessment results to improve institutional and program effectiveness. Each program being reviewed must complete a self-study. That the self-study is reviewed and analyzed by shared governance and academic affairs leadership (Dean and Provost) prior to submission to the USG and publication. 

The Office of Institutional Research and Data Strategy oversees comprehensive program review and is responsible for:

  • Preparing and distributing the program review schedule
  • Meeting with the unit heads of programs scheduled to discuss the CPR process
  • Assisting and supporting the academic program self-study committee
  • Monitoring the status of the CPR cycle
  • Providing appropriate data in support of the self-study

Every year, the CPR process follows a Spring cycle.

As part of the CPR process and in addition to the CPR reports, all programs under review will undergo a credentialing review of faculty by the institutional credentialing officer. Faculty credentialing for Spring 2022 cycle** will continue to use the Faculty Credentialing Form. The process for updating, reviewing, and attestation will be communicated to program chairs and deans annually in early Spring. . 

Comprehensive Program Review and Faculty re-credentialing will follow the following calendar:

  1. CPR reports will be due February 11 th of the Spring semester  for those on the applicable cycle. Reports should be turned in to the Office of Institutional Research and Data Strategy (OIRDS) for distribution to the Institutional Effectiveness Review Board (IERB).
  2. Faculty re-credentialing forms will be due by Feb.11th. These credentialing forms will be reviewed by MGA's Credentialing Officer
  3. Credentialing Officer will have individual meetings with each school's dean and/or department chairs to finalize the re-credentialing of eligible faculty  between Feb. 11th and March 4th.
  4. IERB will provide feedback on the CPR reports by March 11  th  to the Deans.
  5. The Deans will review CPR reports and submit responses to the Provost by April 8th. 
  6. An attestation of faculty qualifications for programs under CPR review will be submitted by the Credentialing Officer to the OIRDS by May 13th as a supplement to the CPR documentation.  
  7. The Provost will provide feedback on CPR reports and complete BOR Report after  May 13th.
  8. The final Provost's CPR review report will be posted on the CPR website (all reports/responses) and submitted to USG by July 1st. 

Middle Georgia State University Comprehensive Program Review Schedule

Faculty Credentialing Form

* New programs are reviewed after the 3rd year, then every 5 years following. 

** 2022 Pilot Year (1 Program/School)