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Academic AffairsMath Academic Resource Center202020212022
School of Arts and Letters Academic Advising202020212022
School of Aviation Academic Advising202020212022
School of Business Academic Advising2020-C
School of Computing Academic Advising202020212022
School of Education and Behavioral Sciences Academic Advising202020212022
School of Health and Natural Sciences Academic Advising202020212022
Student Success Center202020212022
Student AffairsAcademic Advising2023
Accessibility Services2020
Accessibility and Counseling Services202120222023
Career Services202020212022
Center for Career and Leadership Development2023
Counseling Services2020
Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Title IX202020212022
Office of Diversity2023
Student Health Services2020-C
Student Success Centers2023

Campus specific links are denoted by the campus initial. C = Cochran, D = Dublin, E = Eastman, M = Macon, O = Online, OC = Off Campus, WR = Warner Robins.

School of Aviation Safety Assessments may be available upon request. Contact Aviation Safety Manager Peyton Yniguez at

Administrative Units

DepartmentOrganizational Unit2020202120222023
Academic AffairsAcademic Advising2023
Aircraft Fleet Maintenance2020202120222023
Continuing Education2020202120222023
Department of Accounting and Finance202020212022
Department of Air Traffic Control202020212022
Department of Aviation Maintenance and Structural Technology2020202120222023
Department of Aviation Science and Management2020202120222023
Department of English2020202120222023
Department of Flight2020202120222023
Department of Health Services Administration2020202120222023
Department of History2020202120222023
Department of Information Technology2020202120222023
Department of Management and Marketing202020212022
Department of Mathematics and Statistics2020202120222023
Department of Media Culture and the Arts2020202120222023
Department of Natural Sciences2020202120222023
Department of Nursing2020202120222023
Department of Political Science2020202120222023
Department of Psychology and Criminal Justice2020202120222023
Department of Rehabilitation Science2020202120222023
Department of Respiratory Therapy2020202120222023
Department of Teacher Education and Social Work2020202120222023
Dual Enrollment20222023
Enterprise Information Systems2020202120222023
Enterprise Systems Management2020202120222023
Georgia Academy2021
Georgia Academy and Dual Enrollment2020
Information Technology Services2020202120222023
Math Academic Resource Center2023
Network Services2020202120222023
Office of Experiential Learning2020
Office of Graduate Studies2020202120222023
Office of Institutional Research and Data Strategy2020202120222023
Office of the Dean of Arts and Letters2020202120222023
Office of the Dean of Aviation2020202120222023
Office of the Dean of Business2020202120222023
Office of the Dean of Computing2020202120222023
Office of the Dean of Education and Behavioral Sciences2020202120222023
Office of the Dean of Health and Natural Sciences2020202120222023
Specialized Certification20202021
Student Success Centers2020202120222023
Enrollment ManagementAdmissions, Recruitment and Orientation2020202120222023
Financial Aid2020202120222023
Marketing and Communications202020212022
Office of the Registrar2020202120222023
Strategic Partnerships2020202120222023
Fiscal AffairsAuxiliary Services2020202120222023
Budget and Planning2020202120222023
Hatcher Conference Center2020202120222023
Human Resources2020202120222023
Office of Finance2020202120222023
Public Safety2020202120222023
Risk Management202020212023
Office of the PresidentInternal Audit2020
Office of the President2020202120222023
Strategic Plan and CabinetChief Information Officer2020202120222023
Executive Vice President of Finance and Operations20202021
Office of Diversity2023
Office of the Provost2020202120222023
Vice President of Enrollment Management2020202120222023
Vice President of Fiscal Affairs20222023
Vice President of Institutional Advancement2020202120222023
Vice President of Marketing and Communications2023
Vice President of Student Affairs2020202120222023
Student AffairsAthletics and Wellness2020202120222023
Center for Career and Leadership Development2020202120222023
Counseling and Accessibility Services2020202120222023
Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Title IX202020212022
Housing and Residence Life2020202120222023
Student Conduct2020202120222023
Student Health Services2020202120222023
Student Life2020202120222023
Testing Services2020202120222023

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