Mission Statement

We are committed to preparing adaptive professionals who are competent, accountable, reflective, and engaged with a focus on inclusion and social justice. We are dedicated to the development of each student through a vibrant experience-based curriculum.

Completion of the program ensures that candidates emerge as well-rounded professionals who understand the complexities of educating all students in Central Georgia as part of a rapidly changing global environment.

Conceptual Framework

The Department of Teacher Education and Social Work's philosophy consists of four essential elements that constitute a highly qualified, adaptive professional who will contribute to the field of education and affect the lives of children and communities in positive and meaningful ways. Pre-service teachers will exemplify the following four essential elements: ( C)ompetent, ( A)ccountable, ( R)eflective, and ( E)ngaged adaptive professionals in the field, otherwise known as CARE.


The Teacher Education Program within the School of Education and Behavioral Sciences is approved and meets accreditation requirements set forth by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC).

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