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DUE TO THE HEALTH AND SAFETY CONCERNS FOR BOTH GACE TEST TAKERS AND TEST CENTER STAFF STEMMING FROM THE CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) OUTBREAK, MANY GACE TESTING SITES ARE BEING POSTPONED/CANCELED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. GAPSC IS WORKING ON GUIDANCE MEASURES TO ADDRESS THIS MATTER. Applicants can still register for the GACE Ethics Entry Test. This exam is an online exam that can be taken at any time in the privacy of your home. if you have questions or concerns regarding the completion of GACE Exams (Program Admissions and Content Exams) for admission into one of the education programs, please contact Ms. Christine Caesar ().


The Department of Teacher Education and Social Work looks forward to your application for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Education (P-5) and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (6-12) programs. Acceptance into Middle Georgia State University (MGA) does not automatically grant you acceptance into the Department of Teacher Education and Social Work. A separate application and a potential interview and essay process must be completed in order for you to be considered for the education cohort.

Acceptance is granted on a space available basis. Applicants that meet all admission requirements will be ranked according to their qualifications and admitted in order of their rank, starting with the most qualified, until all available spaces are filled. As such, not all individuals who meet the admission requirements may be admitted. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. However, for best consideration apply by the priority deadline. Find answers to frequently asked questions about our programs here

Elementary/Special Education
Track Start Date Priority Admission* Final Deadline Date
Online/Weekend Spring (January) October 15 November 15
Evening Summer (May) October 15 March 31
Full-time/Day Fall (August) November 15 March 31


Secondary Education
Track Start Date Priority Admission* Final Deadline Date
Full-time/Day Fall (August) November 15 March 31

*Applicants may apply after priority admission. Qualified Applicants will be accepted until space is filled.

Note: Acceptance to Middle Georgia State University does not automatically enroll you in any of the Education cohort programs. You must submit a completed application packet to the Department of Teacher Education and Social Work in order to be considered for admittance to any undergraduate/Master's cohort program.


  • BS in Education with a major in Elementary Special Education (PreK - 5th grade Dual Certification)
  • BS in Secondary Education (6th - 12th grade) with concentration in
    • English
    • History
    • Biology
    • Mathematics


  • Admittance to MGA and in “good” standing with the university. (Disciplinary action at Middle Georgia State University and/or any other institution that the student has attended or while in the military may prevent admission.)
  • Individual Program Admissions Requirements must be met and can be found in the current academic catalog (


  1. Application Checklist (pdf)
  2. Student Information Sheet
  3. GACE Program Admissions scores or proof of exemption
    • Test I - Reading (Code 210)
    • Test II - Mathematics (Code 211)
    • Test III - Writing (Code 212)
    • Combined Test I, II, III (Code 710)
    Proof of exemption documents:
    • *Official College Board SAT score report (minimum combined critical reading/math score of 1000 if test taken prior to 7/1/19). SAT score reports dated after 7/1/19 is 1080 on Evidenced-based Reading/Writing and Math. Not applicable to non-certification students.
    • *Official ACT score report (minimum combined English/Math score of 43)
    • Official GRE score report (minimum combined verbal/quantitative score of 1030 prior to August 1, 2011 or minimum combined verbal/quantitative score of 297 if taken after August 1, 2011)
    • *Official MGA transcript showing SAT/ACT/GRE scores (fee required - request from Registrar's Office)
    • *Official transcript from another USG institution showing SAT/ACT/GRE scores
    Registering for the Program Admission assessment:
  4. Three Recommendation Forms –email the following Google Form link to the persons providing your references students must have at least two of the forms completed by professors from MGA or previous institutions. If you have not attended school in more than 2-years, these recommendations may come from professional references.
  5. Transfer Students Only: Copy of Official Transcripts from ALL previous higher education institutions (technical schools, colleges, or universities).
  6. Applicant needs to submit the Certificate of Completion of GACE 360 – Program Exit Ethics as required for admission to a program. 
    Registering for the Educator Ethics assessment is a four-step process:
    • Create or update your MyPSC account at using your legal name as shown on a driver's license or other ID document, and select testing Reason #7, “I am taking the Georgia Educator Ethics assessment.”; select Middle Georgia State University on the Program tab, and select GACE 360 on the Assessment tab.
    • The GaPSC sends your profile and eligibility information to ETS.
    • ETS sends you an email with a link to the Educator Ethics system.
    • Access the Educator Ethics assessment system, select Test Takers under Registration, create your account, and register and pay the $30 fee online, indicate Middle Georgia State University as a score recipient
    Complete the eight modules in 2.5-3 hours, and include the Certificate of Completion in the application packet.
  7. The applicant needs to complete the GaPSC Pre-Service Certification Application (pdf) either in black ink or type as follow:
    • Page 1: Fill in section 1 in ALL CAPS. Answer all questions on section 2 making sure to fill in the complete bubble.  Sign but do not date page 1.
    • Page 3: (O.C.G.A. 1§50-36-1(e)(2) Affidavit)  Follow the directions on page 2 to complete page 3.
    Do not submit it to GaPSC, turn in with your application packet.
  8. Background Check (pdf) (Not to be processed until directed to do so by the Department of Teacher Education and Social Work.)

It is the applicant's responsibility to forward the recommendation Google Form form to the persons providing references on your behalf.

Collect all documents and send ONE email containing all of the following required documents in a pdf format to ; the subject line should read: First Last Name_Application Packet (ex: Jane Doe_Application Packet). Incomplete application packets will not be processed.

A complete packet includes:

  • Copy of completed and signed Application Packet Checklist
  • GACE Georgia Educator Exit Ethics (360)– Program Certificate
  • GACE Program Admission Assessment scores or Exemption Evidence (Official copies of SAT/ACT scores)
  • Three Recommendation Forms (Academic or Professional). Email the following Google Form link to the persons providing your references.
  • GaPSC Pre-Service Certificate – Complete top in ALL Caps; read all questions carefully and fill in the bubbles and sign. Second page must be notarized. Include a copy of your driver’s license.
  • Transfer Students Only: Copy of Official Transcripts with ACT/SAT scores from ALL previous higher education institutions (technical schools, colleges, or universities).

Admissions & Certification Specialist
Christine Caesar

UPDATED 4/15/2020