Academic Programs

Master Degrees

Bachelor Degrees

Certificates (< 1 year)

Due to the health and safety concerns for both GACE test takers and test center staff stemming from the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many GACE testing sites are being postponed/canceled until further notice. GaPSC is working on guidance measures to address this matter.

Applying to The Education Program

  1. Complete application packet located on MGA Department of Teacher Education and Social Work website.
  2. Present official GACE Program Admission Assessment scores or proof of exception.
  3. Complete criminal background check.
  4. Meet the curriculum and minimum GPA requirements for program.*
  5. Complete recommendation form requirements for program.*
  6. Present Certificate of Completion of Georgia Educator Ethics Exit Assessment (GACE 360).
  7. Complete GaPSC Pre-Service Certificate Application.

*See MGA Catalog or contact School of Education and Behavioral Sciences Academic Advisor for specific information.

Admission process & timeline

Fall 2019 - Early Spring 2020:

  • Take GACE Program Admission Assessment
  • Gather Letters of Recommendation
  • Meet with Department of Teacher Education and Social Work Academic Advisor to ensure program of study is on track.
  • Complete GACE Educator Ethics Entry (350)

Submit Application to Department of Teacher Education and Social Work

  • Early Childhood Special Education and Secondary Track deadline: March 15, 2020.

Prospective candidates will submit their application packet by March 15, 2020. Prospective candidates may still have coursework and application requirements remaining to satisfy but should submit application in order to acknowledge their intent to enroll with Fall cohort.

Students who submit their application by the priority deadline of November 15, 2019, and are admitted to the program, will qualify for a textbook stipend raffle for the first semester.

March – Summer 2020:

  • Prospective candidates will be required to interview and write a sample essay.
  • Once students have completed all application requirements the Department of Teacher Education and Social Work will request a Pre-Service Certificate from the GaPSC.
  • Upon receipt of a copy of the Pre-Service Certificate by the Department of Teacher Education and Social Work the prospective candidate will be notified in writing by the Department of Teacher Education and Social Work of their acceptance.
  • Upon acceptance, evening track paraprofessionals are required to submit a Principal Consent Form.

Program information

  • Clinical placement calendar is aligned with school districts not MGA academic calendar.

Program Fees*

Note: These fees are accrue throughout the duration of the program.
  • Field Fees range from $75-150 per semester
  • Liability insurance ($20)
  • LiveText Electronic Portfolio ($120)
  • GACE Content Area Assessments (see GACE website for fees)
  • EdTPA Portfolio Assessment ($300)

*These costs are estimates and subject to change.