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Academic Programs

Each student upon entering Middle Georgia State University will fall under the requirements of the catalog that you came in. In other words, if a person started school this semester, then he or she falls under the current academic calendar year. Please be aware transfer students must complete at least 30 semester hours at Middle Georgia State before receiving a degree.

Master's Degrees

Bachelor's Degrees

Associate's Degrees

Certificates (1 year)

Certificates (< 1 year)


  • Criminal Justice-Minor (Curriculum) (Online)
  • Political Science-Minor (Curriculum) (Cochran, Macon)
  • Psychology-Minor (Curriculum) (Cochran, Macon, Online)
  • Sociology-Minor (Curriculum) (Cochran, Macon, Online)
  • Sustainability Policy Studies-Minor (Curriculum) (Macon)