Academic Advising

Academic advising will provide students with information and skills that enable them to critically assess their goals, develop a comprehensive plan of study that culminates in certification, licensure, and/ or graduation, create a schedule for progressing through the plan, and monitor the results of that plan.  Students will benefit from guidance in exploring potential majors and coordinating career goals with educational opportunities or study abroad programs.

Middle Georgia State University is comprised of five campuses located in Macon, Cochran, Eastman, Dublin, and Warner Robins. Students are assigned to an advisor based on their major.  All students must meet with an advisor at least once a semester throughout their time at Middle Georgia State University.  Freshmen, students with Learning support requirements and students on academic probation must meet with their advisor each semester.  Seniors are encouraged to meet with their advisor in the first semester of their senior year to ensure they are on the right path for program completion and graduation.  Students in baccalaureate degree programs should conduct a program/degree audit at least three semesters prior to graduation. Students in Associate degree programs should conduct a program/degree audit at least two semesters prior to graduation.

Additional information about academic advising can be found online