Intramural Eligibility

  1. A valid Knight Card must be presented to be eligible to sign-up for an intramural sport. The valid student ID must also be presented each time a student participates in an intramural event. NO VALID MGA ID = NO PLAY. To obtain a valid Knight Card, refer to Knight Card in the Student Resources section of this handbook.
  2. Students must be enrolled in 3 credit hours in the same semester session the sporting activity takes place to be eligible to participate in the intramural program.
  3. Faculty and full-time staff are also eligible to participate in Middle Georgia State University intramural sports with a valid Knight Card.
  4. A signed liability waiver form for each participant MUST be on file in the Intramural Office.
  5. A participant is only allowed to play for one team per sport per season. After entering one contest with a team, a player may not switch teams during the season. However, a participant can play for a men’s team and a co-ed team for the same sport in the same season. This applies for men’s and women’s sports. If a player’s team forfeits the season, the player can only transfer to another team after the Intramural Coordinator has reviewed the matter.
  6. A player must participate with his/her team in a minimum of one (1) regular season contest in order to be eligible for playoff competition. “Participate” means that the player’s name appears on the game-sheet of the games won/lost.
  7. Eligible players may create a team roster online 
  8. Any eligible student may also register as a free agent online.
  9. For more information, visit our website