Each year, Student Life hosts countless events to enhance the University experience, and works with other campus offices to sponsor institutional events such as student expo, student leadership award ceremonies, spirit week, spring fling, week of welcome, Black History Month, and much more!

Student Expo

Each fall and spring semester, the Office of Student Life hosts this opportunity where students can visit representatives of all recognized student organizations to find out what they are all about, in addition to learning about community resources and opportunities to help students get involved.

Spirit Week & Spring Fling

Spirit Week and Spring Fling are usually held in October and April. These events feature live music, creative novelties, face painting, food, games, outdoor and interactive activities in celebration of our fall and spring sports.

Week of Welcome

The first two weeks of each semester are called Welcome Week. Each campus coordinates a variety of social activities and educational programs aimed at easing the transition to college-level work after the summer break. Welcome Week events are a great way to meet other students, interact with faculty and staff, and get better acquainted with university resources, opportunities, and expectations.

Much, Much More