Social Security Number Collection & Usage

In compliance with section 3.2 of the Board of Regents Academic & Student Affairs Handbook, MGA collects and may use the social security number in performance of the University’s duties and responsibilities for the following purposes: admissions/testing; record identification and verification; classification of accounts; billing and payments; data collection; reconciliation; tracking for outcome data and transition from one education level to the next; benefit processing; tax and scholarship reporting; financial aid processing; athletics recruiting; accreditation of programs; as a condition of employment and employment processing; and reporting to authorized agencies of the state and federal government. To protect identity, MGA will secure all social security numbers from unauthorized access and will assign student and employees a unique identification number and will never release social security numbers to unauthorized parties. The unique identification number is assigned after application used for all associated employment and educational purposes at MGA. All social security numbers are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Students are encouraged to submit their social security numbers as part of their admissions process; however, it is the student’s right to refuse. (Approved Oct 2013 by Student Affairs Committee)