A/C, Heating and Ventilation

Thermostats have been preprogrammed to run between specific temperature zones. Any attempt to reprogram a thermostat is considered to be a serious violation and will be handled accordingly; including charges being applied to the resident’s account and possible judicial action. Lack of air or heat is considered an emergency and should be reported immediately to the Residence Life Coordinator.


Cochran residence halls are furnished with single XL beds (36” x 80”) except Anderson Hall. Anderson Hall has a standard single bed (36” x 75”). Eastman residence halls are furnished with single XL beds (36” x 80”). Residence halls in Macon area are furnished with full-size beds in University Pointe and single XL beds (36" x 80") in Lakeview Pointe.

Fire Equipment

Fire equipment is located throughout the residence halls for protection of the residents. It is unlawful to tamper with any fire equipment, i.e., pull alarms, hoses, fire extinguishers, heat sensors, smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, etc. No person shall falsely report a fire, nor interfere in any way with emergency services or procedures. Violation of the above will result in a fine and/or notification to the Middle Georgia State University Police and/or local law enforcement agencies for possible criminal charges.

Fire Hazards

For safety reasons, halogen lamps, candles, lanterns, incense or any other incendiary devices are not permitted in residence halls.

Furniture and Fixtures

Removal of furniture from the assigned location, except with permission, is prohibited. Residents will be charged for any furniture or equipment assigned to their apartment/suite which is found missing or damaged at move-out. If common area items are found in residents’ units, judicial action and fines will be imposed.


Residents must provide their own Ethernet cord and cable cord. Residents must not tamper with any internet/cable wiring/fixtures, and must comply with all usage rules as outlined in any University policies. Personal wireless (wifi) routers are not allowed in residence halls at MGA. Students found in possession of these routers will be asked to take the device home. If the router is found in use a second time the router will be confiscated.


Locks may NOT be changed/installed by residents. Locks and all original keys must be returned upon vacating the premises, including temporary move-outs, if applicable. Students are prohibited from tampering with any University locks, or installing new or additional locks, deadbolts, or other locking device. Student shall not alter or duplicate any residence hall room or exterior door keys. Any student in possession of any duplicated keys will be charged for re-keying the room, apartment, or exterior doors and may face criminal charges.


No person shall transfer, duplicate or permit the use of their University issued keys or ID cards by another person. Possession of keys or key cards to any University building or facility without authorization shall be subject to student conduct procedures and/or legal action. Lost keys must be reported to the Office of Housing & Residence Life immediately. Failure to return all assigned keys at the appropriate time will result in a charge of $50 per door to the resident. No refund or cancellation of charges.

Smoke Detectors

Each apartment/suite is equipped with a properly working smoke detector. The Office of Housing & Residence Life should be notified if it is believed that the smoke detector is not working or needs servicing.

Windows and Doors

For purposes of safety and energy efficiency, window/doors should not be open while the air conditioner/heater is running or when the resident is absent from the apartment/suite.