Knight Card - Student Identification Cards

Macon Campus: Campus Support Services Building
Cochran Campus: Alderman Hall 
Dublin Campus: Library
Eastman Campus: Main Building
Warner Robins Campus: Academic Services Building

Middle Georgia State University Police (478) 934-3002

 Students are required to obtain and carry a valid student identification card, the Knight Card, while on campus and are required to show this card upon request of a Middle Georgia State University faculty or staff member. The Knight Card serves as the student’s official ID card, meal plan card, access card, and more.

The Knight Card has a declining debit function that allows students to deposit money into an account on the card and make purchases in the Snack Bar, Dining Hall, and Bookstore without using cash. Students should immediately report a lost or stolen card to the Police Department. It should be noted that once a card is reported lost or stolen it will be frozen and will be unavailable for all access and/or transaction purposes. Replacement Cards are available at the Knight Card issuing location for each specific campus during regular business hours. A card replacement fee of $20 will be charged for each replacement card. Lending, selling, or otherwise transferring a student’s Knight Card is prohibited. The use of a student’s Knight Card by anyone other than its original owner is prohibited.

First-time students seeking a Knight Card must present a photo ID along with a copy of the student’s current class schedule. The first student identification card issued to a student is free of charge. Terms and Conditions for the debit card function are described online