Diploma Replacement

Each student who completes an authorized program at Middle Georgia State University leading to a degree, or certificate, has paid the required graduation fee, is certified by the Office of the Registrar, and approved by the faculty as a graduate of that program, is entitled to one (1) diploma attesting to that accomplishment. The diploma is intended only as a symbolic recognition of academic achievement. The student’s Middle Georgia State University transcript is, instead, the proper official document of record for the award.

Graduation Holds: A student who has a graduation hold will be certified for graduation by the Registrar; however, a diploma will not be mailed until the hold is satisfied. Per request, a letter can be prepared by the Office of the Registrar certifying that the student has completed the requirements of the program. 

Diploma Receipt: Diplomas will be mailed at an announced date each term according to the Academic Calendar.  In cases where mailed diplomas are not received, one replacement diploma will be furnished free of charge through parchment per the student's request.

Diploma Errors: While every effort is made to ensure that diplomas are printed correctly, students should carefully review the document upon receipt and immediately identify any problems to the Office of the Registrar.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure their name and address is correct in the system. Students will receive a PDF copy of their diploma and will have 72 hours to verify their address through parchment.  The student's name of record is printed on the diploma.  If the name and/or address is incorrect in the system, you will need to complete the Replacement Diploma Order Form and pay the fee for a reprint after the name and address is updated in the system.  In the rare instance a diploma has errors, the diploma must be returned to the Office of the Registrar within 30 days before the issuance of a corrected diploma at no charge.

Duplicate Diplomas: There may be instances where a diploma issued for a previous graduation is destroyed or lost over time. Students desiring a replacement must make a request in writing by completing the Replacement Diploma Order Form or by ordering through parchment.  The replaced diploma will not replicate the previously awarded document as the signature of officials may have changed, or even the name of the University.  The diploma issued will match the document given to current graduates.  Effective July 1, 2015, all duplicate diplomas will reference Middle Georgia State University.