Eligibility for Participation in Activities

Middle Georgia State University takes great pride in having students participate in collegiate activities of competitive and noncompetitive nature. For this reason, any student seeking to participate in such activities (clubs, organizations, recreational/intramural tournaments, etc.) must comply with eligibility guidelines, including but not limited to:

  1. Unless a student is a first-semester freshman or transfer student, the student must be currently matriculating with at least the minimums as listed below and have successfully matriculated the previous semester (excluding summer semester) with the same minimums:
    1. Recreation & Wellness facility use and programming to exclude Intramural and Club Sports: Registered in one (1) hour on campus class and paid R&W Fee for current semester
    2. Student Life activities: Registered in at least three (3) hours for the current semester.
    3. Intramural activities: Registered in at least three (3) hours for the current semester.
    4. Club Sports activities: Registered for at least six (6) hours during the current semester.
  2. The student must be in good academic standing and have no holds on his/her record.
  3. To be eligible to serve as an officer in any University-sponsored or­ganization; to be a candidate in any University election; or to represent the University in any official capacity a student must have earned a minimum cumulative grade­ point average of 2.0 and must not be on disciplinary or scholastic probation. Additional requirements for participation in specific activities and/or organizations may apply.
  4. The student must be eligible based on guidelines of the organization sponsoring the activity. Organizations can be the club, program, office, department, association, or any other entity that sponsors a program in which a student may participate.
  5. The Vice president, Assistant Vice president, or other designated staff member will review students representing Middle Georgia State University in such activities for eligibility and for fitness to represent the University.
  6. Participation in activities (non-competitive and competitive) is not guaranteed.
  7. All required forms must be completed ten (10) business days prior to date of travel or deadlines for competition entry and turned in to the appropriate office based on the sponsoring organization of the trip or event in order to allow for proper processing time.
  8. Any student who is a member of a club sport, intramural team, or participates in any part of the Recreation & Wellness Program is subject to validation of hours, academic standing, and/or any other eligibility requirements set forth by the Department of Recreation & Wellness regarding Intramural, Club Sports, or Program participation as seen fit by the staff of the department
  9. All additional dues, fees, or other costs associated with programming of departments, programs, or clubs must be paid prior to participation by an individual.