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Department of Political Science


Greetings, and welcome to the Department of Political Science at Middle Georgia State University. On behalf of our department's faculty, I appreciate your interest in our department and its programs.

The Department of Political Science currently offers bachelor of science degrees in Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies. We also offer baccalaureate minors in Political Science, African and African Diaspora Studies, Global StudiesPre-Law, and Environmental Policy Studies, along with a certificate program in European Union Studies. In 2024 we will begin offering a minor in Local Government Administration as well. We also are one of two departments collaborating in the Doctorate of Science in Public Safety program.

What can I do with a degree in political Science?

The political science major is one of the most versatile undergraduate degrees offered in America. People in all walks of life completed a bachelor's degree in political science, including numerous politicians, prominent business leaders, and world-class athletes, as well as many others, famous or otherwise.

While a lot of students assume most political science students end up working in government or as part of political campaigns, that isn't necessarily the case; there are many private-sector and non-profit jobs where the knowledge and skills gained by students in political science are valuable, and in today's society the influence of government is everywhere in our lives. For example, the skills students learn in classes on subjects such as public opinion and research methods are commonly used by professionals working in the growing fields of market and survey research.

Political science is also one of the most popular majors for students planning to become lawyers after attending law school; many other political science students pursue graduate studies in areas such as public and non-profit administration, public policy, and K–12 and college-level teaching.

The American Political Science Association has compiled a helpful guide to the career opportunities available for political science students.

What Is Political science?

Political science has been defined in many different ways. One famous definition was proposed by Yale political scientist Harold Lasswell, who said that political science was the study of “who gets what, when, [and] how.” Others have suggested that at its heart, political science is the study of power.

Many political scientists focus on studying the world as we find it, to better understand and explain why important political events take place or why people make the decisions they make, an approach known as empiricism; others look more to trying to answer more abstract or philosophical questions such as what the nature of justice is or what the best society might be like, which is a normative approach to politics.

Political scientists use a wide variety of approaches to try to study these questions. Many study the basic political institutions of countries and states or the international system — the rules and structures that govern decision-making and practice. Many others study political behavior — how individuals and groups arrive at opinions, understand the political world, and make decisions such as who to vote for in elections or what laws to propose in a legislative body. Still others study public policy — what governments do to try to solve the problems faced by societies — or public administration — how government agencies and others work to implement those solutions in practice and manage the government workforce.

At Middle Georgia State, political science students will explore aspects of government in the United States in many of their classes, but all of our students also learn about how other countries are governed (comparative politics) and how countries interact with each other in the global political system (international relations) as well. All of our students also complete an experience applying their knowledge to societal problems, either an internship or a directed research project, as part of their degree requirements.

Throughout their studies, students majoring in political science learn to analyze evidence and draw objective conclusions. The research and analytical skills learned in political science courses can be applied in virtually any field of professional endeavor.

How Can I Find Out More?

Want to study political science at MGA? Admissions can help you with the application process. You can also check out our department's information sheet.

You can also learn more by stopping by our offices in the Teacher Education Building in Macon and the Wiggs Office Building in Cochran, or by sending an email to us at . Our faculty members are always happy to talk to prospective, new, and current students about our major, minor, and certificate programs, along with our current and upcoming class offerings.

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