Finding Greatness


Finding Greatness: Courtney Poole

January 08, 2018

Courtney Poole did not let her visual impairment stop her from realizing her dream of becoming an RN. Full Name: Courtney Elizabeth Poole. Age: 23. Hometown: Warner Robins. Residence: Bonaire. High School: Warner Robins High School, Class of ...

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Finding Greatness: Aspasia Karfakis

December 07, 2017

Aspasia Karfakis, a member of the MGA Knights women's soccer team, makes the grade on and off the field. Full Name: Aspasia Karfakis. Age: 19. Hometown: Jackson, N.J. Residence: Savannah. High School: Windsor Forest High School, where she was ...

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Finding Greatness: Fabian Gordon

December 04, 2017

When events run smoothly at MGA, Fabian "Flash" Gordon is among those the University community can thank. He is also a student at Middle Georgia State, working on a Business degree. Full Name: Fabian Gordon. Full Title: Event Coordinator and ...

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Finding Greatness: Theresa Lasal

November 27, 2017

Biology major Theresa Lasal, a member of MGA's new women's cross-country team, is pursuing a military medical career focused on helping amputee soldiers and vets. Full Name: Theresa Lasal. Age: 22. Hometown: Fayetteville. Residence: ...

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Finding Greatness: Elizabeth Kringer

November 14, 2017

Finding Greatness: Elizabeth Kringer, a recent MGA grad with a degree in Public Service, now works in constituent services for U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop of Georgia's 2nd Congressional District. Full Name: Elizabeth N. Kringer. Age: ...

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Finding Greatness: Jason Vadell

November 06, 2017

Jason Vadell, vice president of the MGA chapter of Brothers of Leadership and Distinction and aspiring accountant, celebrates his high-profile opportunities at the University. Full Name: Jason Vadell. Age: 22. Hometown: Somerdale, ...

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Finding Greatness: Julia Davis

November 02, 2017

Julia Davis, a student leader at MGA's residential program for dual-enrollment students, is working toward an Aerospace Engineering degree and, she hopes, Navy flight school. Full Name: Julia Davis. Age: 18. Hometown & Residence: Warner ...

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Finding Greatness: Odell Blackmon

October 20, 2017

Odell Blackmon III, a dual-enrollment student at MGA's Georgia Academy, is preparing for the world of tech startups. Full Name: Odell Blackmon III. Age: 17. Hometown & Residence: Covington. High School: Young Americans Christian School ...

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Finding Greatness: Rojean Sanders

October 16, 2017

Health Services Administration major Rojean Sanders, Army veteran, is president of the MGA chapter of Association of Healthcare Executive Students. Full Name: Rojean Vernita Sanders. Hometown & Residence: Macon. Employment: Work study ...

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Finding Greatness: Dr. Brooke Miller

October 09, 2017

Dr. Brooke Miller is researching how students receive their information about current events. Full Name: Dr. Brooke M. Miller. Title: Associate Professor of Political Science. Degrees: Doctorate of Philosophy in Political Science from the ...

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Finding Greatness: Garrett Stone

September 25, 2017

Choosing to stay home for college has opened doors to the world for Psychology major Garrett Stone. Full Name: Garrett Steve Stone. Age: 23. Hometown: Macon. Residence: Lizella. High School: Tattnall Square Academy, where he participated in ...

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deja fambro

Finding Greatness: Deja Fambro

September 18, 2017

Deja Fambro, an Aviation Management major, is the first MGA student to embark on a semester at sea study abroad experience, which will take her to 11 countries between now and late December. Full Name: Deja Shimone Fambro. Age: 22. Hometown: ...

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Finding Greatness: Edson Silva

September 05, 2017

Edson Silva, Honors Program student and Health Services Administration major, plans a career as a nursing home administrator. Full Name: Edson Silva. Age: 48. Hometown: Born in Queens N.Y, raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, until the age of 16 and ...

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Finding Greatness: Charles Williams

August 28, 2017

Air Force veteran Charles Williams, now pursuing his master's degree in IT from Middle Georgia State, is a charter member of the Graduate Studies Advisory Council. Full Name: Charles Moses Williams, Jr. Age: 53. Hometown: Daytona Beach, ...

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Finding Greatness: Kim Johnson

August 21, 2017

Kim K. Johnson, a member of MGA's Nursing faculty, was just awarded a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Fellowship through the University System of Georgia. Full Name: Kim K. Johnson. Title: Assistant Professor of Nursing. Degrees: ...

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Finding Greatness: Alexandria Hughes

August 14, 2017

MGA grad Alexandria Hughes is marketing coordinator for the Middle Georgia Regional Library. Full Name: Alexandria Hughes. Age: 24. Hometown and Residence: Macon. Employment: Marketing Coordinator for the Middle Georgia Regional ...

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Finding Greatness: Gene Behrends

August 07, 2017

Gene Behrends helps #MGA students take flight. Full Name: Gene Behrends. Full Title: Assistant Chief Pilot, MGA School of Aviation. Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Flight Management) from what is now Middle ...

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Finding Greatness: Dr. Laura Thomason

July 31, 2017

Dr. Laura Thomason plays a major role in getting more MGA students to participate in international programs. Full Name: Dr. Laura E. Thomason. Title: Director of International Programs and Associate Professor of English. Degrees: ...

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Finding Greatness: Alan Stines

July 24, 2017

A graduate of what is now MGA, Alan Stines began his career with a University staff position and eventually became a member of the IT faculty. Full Name: Alan Stines. Full Title: Lecturer of Information Technology. Degrees: Master of ...

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Finding Greatness: Dr. John P. Girard

July 17, 2017

Dr. John P. Girard is an author, teacher, storyteller and adventurer. Full Name: Dr. John P. Girard. Full Title: Peyton Anderson Endowed Chair and Professor of Information Technology. Degrees: Doctor of Philosophy (Business ...

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Finding Greatness: Dr. Simone Phipps

July 10, 2017

Dr. Simone Phipps conducts groundbreaking research into the contributions of minorities to the field of management. Full Name: Dr. Simone Phipps. Title: Assistant Professor of Management, School of Business. Degrees: Bachelor of ...

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Finding Greatness: Dr. Pushpa Yadav

June 26, 2017

You've probably heard of the sugar substitute called stevia. Dr. Pushpa Yadav, assistant professor of Biology, and some of her students have been conducting tissue culture research on this natural, zero-calorie sugar plant. Full Name: Dr. ...

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Finding Greatness: Dr. Andre Nicholson

June 14, 2017

Dr. Andre Nicholson, a member of #MGA's Media, Culture and the Arts faculty, uses social issues to drive discussion and learning among his students. Full Name: Dr. Andre Nicholson. Full Title: Assistant Professor of New Media and ...

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Finding Greatness: Rachel Hastings

May 08, 2017

Rachel Hastings is the President's Scholar for MGA's Class of 2017. Each year, a graduating senior is chosen by the Honors, Awards and Graduation Committee, with the approval of the University president, to be the President's Scholar. The chosen ...

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Finding Greatness: Edwin Yu

May 01, 2017

An Air Force veteran who served in Afghanistan, Biology major Edwin Yu is now pursuing a career in dentistry. Full Name: Edwin Yu. Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y. Residence: Warner Robins. High School: Fort Hamilton High School. ...

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Finding Greatness: Carmishia Primus

April 24, 2017

Public Service major Carmishia Primus, president of MGA's Residence Housing Association, is pursuing a career in guidance counseling and mentoring. Full Name: Carmishia Primus. Age: 23. Hometown: Sparta. Residence: Macon. High ...

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Brian White

Finding Greatness: Brian White

April 18, 2017

Brian White, who is about to graduate with a B.S. in Biology, wants a professional career working with fellow amputees. Full Name: Brian Jason White. Age: 35. Hometown: Rentz. Residence: Cadwell. Family: Wife, Alicia, and “two ...

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Finding Greatness: Tiffany Barragan

April 17, 2017

English major Tiffany Barragan, vice president of Alpha Rho Sigma, is headed to law school. Full Name: Tiffany Duanjan Barragan. Age: 21. Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska. Residence: Macon. High School: "I went to two different high ...

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Finding Greatness: Dr. Sara Hughes

April 03, 2017

Award-winning poet Dr. Sara Hughes inspires students with her creativity and personal triumphs. Full Name: Dr. Sara Hughes. Full Title: Lecturer of English. Degrees: Ph.D. in English from Georgia State University, Master of Fine Arts in ...

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Finding Greatness: Joseph Foster

March 27, 2017

Joseph Foster, aspiring flight test engineer, helps his fellow students as an MGA peer career advisor. Full Name: Joseph Isaac Elder Foster. Age: 19. Hometown: Kingston, N.Y. Residence: Jonesboro. High School: “I went to Martha ...

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Finding Greatness: Tina Scott

March 20, 2017

Transitioning from her Army career, Tina Scott enrolled at MGA to pursue her bachelor's degree in Nursing. Full Name: Tina K. Scott. Hometown: Oklahoma City, Okla. Residence: Kathleen. Family: “I have a blended family, which ...

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Finding Greatness: Mallory Miller

March 13, 2017

A proud graduate of Middle Georgia State, Mallory Miller now shares her experiences with prospective students as she recruits for the University. Full Name: Mallory Miller. Job Title: Recruiter. Degree: Bachelor of Science, Middle ...

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Finding Greatness: Shalique Brown

February 27, 2017

Shalique Brown, Biology major, is leading the effort to establish a sorority based at MGA's Cochran Campus. Full Name: Shalique Quynia Brown. Age: 19. Hometown: Queens, N.Y. Residence: Lawrenceville, Ga. High School: "I attended ...

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Finding Greatness: Tyler Cooper

February 20, 2017

Business major Tyler Cooper, who is preparing for a career in sales management, is president of MGA's Brothers of Leadership and Distinction. Full Name: Tyler Cooper. Age: 20. Hometown & Residence: East Dublin. High School: “I ...

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Finding Greatness: Stephanie Breitenbach

February 06, 2017

Stephanie Breitenbach,editor of MGA's student newspaper,is preparing for a career in entertainment production and event management. Full Name: Stephanie Breitenbach. Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio. Residence: Macon. Family: “My ...

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Finding Greatness: Stephanie Breitenbach

February 06, 2017

Stephanie Breitenbach,editor of MGA's student newspaper,is preparing for a career in entertainment production and event management. Full Name: Stephanie Breitenbach. Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio. Residence: Macon. Family: “My ...

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Finding Greatness: Kieston Standfield

January 30, 2017

Update: Kieston Standfield was named the Southern States Athletic Conference player of the year for men's basketball on March 1, 2017. He leads the conference in scoring, averaging 18.9 points/game, rebounding with 10.1 rebound/game, and ranks ...

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Finding Greatness: Tiana Bell

January 17, 2017

After raising her children, Tiana Bell chose Middle Georgia State's Dublin Campus to help her pursue her dream career in Finance. Full Name: Tiana LaChe Bell. Age: 41. Hometown and Residence: Dublin. High School: "I graduated in 1994 ...

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Finding Greatness: George Davis

December 06, 2016

Wrapping up a successful internship with the Bibb County Department of Family and Children Services, MGA soon-to-be graduate George Davis prepares for a career protecting children and helping them thrive. Full Name: George Dontanec Davis. ...

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Finding Greatness: Heather Johnson

November 28, 2016

MGA senior Heather Johnson is interning with NewTown Macon to help preserve local history. Full Name: Heather Nicole Johnson. Age: 26 Hometown and Residence: Forsyth. High School: “I graduated from Mary Persons High School in 2009. ...

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Finding Greatness: Alfreda T. Lockett

November 14, 2016

Locally renowned restaurant owner and chef Alfreda Lockett has returned to MGA four decades after first pursuing a college degree so she could complete a bachelor's and serve as a role model for her grandchildren. Full Name: Alfreda T. ...

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Finding Greatness: Kasey Barker

November 07, 2016

Kasey Barker is working full-time as a Certified Flight Instructor for MGA while finishing up his bachelor's degree. Full Name: Kasey Barker. Age: 21. Hometown: Dacula. Residence: Eastman. High School: Dacula High ...

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Finding Greatness: Shanya Kadian

October 20, 2016

Finding Greatness: A strong interest in a law-enforcement career and community service led Shanya Kadian to MGA's bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. Full Name: Shanya Kadian Age: 24. Hometown and Residence: Macon. Family: ...

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Dr. Andrew Reeves

Finding Greatness: Dr. Andrew Reeves

October 17, 2016

Finding Greatness: Dr. Andrew Reeves, assistant professor of History, is a medieval studies specialist and active supporter of Cochran Campus student life. Full Name: Dr. Andrew Buchanan Reeves. Title: Assistant Professor of History. Degrees: ...

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Finding Greatness: Dani Grisamore

October 07, 2016

MGA English grad Dani Grisamore is a co-founder of Macon's Lost Keys Literary Festival. Full Name: Jamie Danielle Grisamore. Age: 29. Hometown: Milledgeville. Residence: Macon. Family: "I'm married to Joel Ed Grisamore and we ...

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Finding Greatness: DeMarcus Beckham

October 03, 2016

A Student Life leader, DeMarcus Beckham is committed to public service and activism. Full Name: DeMarcus Shyheim Beckham. Hometown: Zebulon. Residence: Macon. High School: At Pike County High School, I was president of the Y-Club ...

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Dr. Myungjae Kwak

Finding Greatness: Dr. Myungjae Kwak

September 26, 2016

Finding Greatness: Popular IT professor Dr. Myungjae Kwak’s research interests focus on data analytics, information retrieval/data mining, business simulation and educational game design and development. Name: Dr. Myungjae Kwak Full ...

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Finding Greatness: Grant Fordham

September 20, 2016

Grant Fordham finished MGA's flight training program in record time, going from private pilot to flight instructor with six licenses/ratings in a little more than a year. Full Name: Grant Fordham. Age: 22. Hometown: Dublin. ...

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Finding Greatness: Victoria Monetta

September 12, 2016

Victoria Monetta, a senior Aviation major, is aiming for a career with Delta Airlines. Full Name: Victoria Monetta. Age: 22. Hometown: Marietta. Residence: Eastman. High School: Pope High School, where she was varsity baseball ...

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Dr. Kendra Russell

Finding Greatness: Dr. Kendra Russell

September 06, 2016

Dr. Kendra Russell, whose research focus is on improving the healthcare of premature infants, recently represented MGA at the International Conference on Pediatric Nursing & Healthcare. Full Name: Dr. Kendra Russell. Title: Professor of ...

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Finding Greatness: John Legg

August 29, 2016

Combining his love of history and photography, senior John Legg is collaborating on a book with an MGA professor. Full Name: John Robert Legg. Age: 25. Hometown: Hartland, Mich., 30 minutes south of Flint. Residence: Macon. ...

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Finding Greatness: Madeline Starr

August 22, 2016

Aspiring airline captain Madeline Starr found her flight plan at MGA. Full Name: Madeline S. Starr. Age: 19. Hometown & Residence: McDonough. High School: "I attended Woodland High School in Stockbridge. I participated in ...

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Chris Nylund

Finding Greatness: Chris Nylund

August 15, 2016

Trust us, Chris Nylund is one of the coolest academic librarians you will ever meet. Full Name: Chris Nylund Title: Graduate Studies Librarian Degrees: Master of Library and Information Science, Valdosta State University Master of ...

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Finding Greatness: Ben Mullis

July 18, 2016

Ben Mullis of the University's library digs into #MGA's history. Full Name: Benjamin Mullis. Full Title: Reference and Instruction Librarian. Degrees: Master of Library and Information Science from Valdosta State University, Bachelor ...

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Finding Greatness: Rhonda Crombie

July 11, 2016

Popular and "nerdy" English prof Rhonda Crombie is based on the Dublin Campus, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Full Name: Rhonda Davis Crombie. Title: Associate Professor of English. Degrees: Master of Arts in English, ...

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Finding Greatness: Tara Tourville

June 13, 2016

MGA English grad Tara Tourville just completed Mercer University law school. Full Name: Tara Danielle Tourville. Age: 26. Hometown and Residence: Warner Robins. Family: "My immediate family consists of my husband, Alex Tourville; ...

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Finding Greatness: Cliff Appleman

June 09, 2016

MGA grad Cliff Appleman is now a student Naval Aviator. Full Name: Cliff Appleman. Age: 23. Hometown: Albany, Ga. Residence: Corpus Christi, Texas. What he’s doing now: “I am an ensign in the U.S. Navy stationed at Corpus ...

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Finding Greatness: Alex Jordan

May 17, 2016

Criminal Justice major Alex Jordan is a student leader on the Cochran Campus. Full Name: Alexander Jordan. Age: 19. Hometown: Atlanta. Residence: Jonesboro. High School: “I attended Jonesboro High School, where I was a part of ...

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Finding Greatness: Ashleigh Knight

May 11, 2016

Ashleigh Knight, who will begin a teaching career in Houston County this fall, is MGA's 2016 Academic Recognition Day Scholar. Full Name: Ashleigh Rebekah Knight. Age: 22. Hometown and Residence: Macon. High School: Central ...

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Finding Greatness: Calabria Turner

May 09, 2016

Grad-school bound honors student Calabria Turner is a member of the President’s Torch Society. Full Name: Calabria Denise Turner. Age: 22. Hometown: Macon. Residence: Lizella. High School: She participated in Marine Corps Junior ...

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Finding Greatness: Joshua Dean

May 05, 2016

Study abroad participant Joshua Dean will begin a career this fall teaching French at Central High School. Full Name: Joshua Jacques Dean. Age: 22. Hometown: Macon. Residence: Lizella. High School: "I served as the president of ...

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Alexis Jackson

Finding Greatness: Alexis Jackson

May 02, 2016

Health Services Administration major Alexis Jackson is a vice president of the Campus Activities Board. Full Name: Alexis S. Jackson. Age: 19. Hometown and Residence: Cairo. High School: "I went to Cairo High School, where I was active in the ...

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Finding Greatness: Cyrus Allen

April 28, 2016

Recently accepted to graduate school, Cyrus Allen plans to become a counselor to help people with gender and sexual issues. Full Name: Charles Jeffery "Cyrus" Allen Jr. Age: 27. Hometown: Marshalville. Residence: Byron. Family: ...

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Finding Greatness: Tanner Lords

April 18, 2016

Business major Tanner Lords is the president of the first social fraternity to establish a colony at Middle Georgia State University. Full Name: Tanner J. Lords. Age: 23. Hometown: Dublin. Residence: Macon. High School: Dublin ...

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Finding Greatness: Nick Cuneo

April 12, 2016

Move On When Ready student Nick Cuneo is an intern for MGA's Institute of Applied Aerospace Research. Full Name: Nicholas Cuneo. Age: 18. Hometown: Marietta. Residence: Cochran. High School: Bleckley County High School, where ...

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Finding Greatness: Nicole Sikes

March 28, 2016

Nicole Sikes is an intern with the Georgia Center of Innovation for Aerospace. Full Name: Nicole L. Sikes. Age: 22. Hometown & Residence: Warner Robins. High School: Houston County High, where she took part in the theater ...

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Finding Greatness: Patrick Layson

March 21, 2016

Two study abroad trips to Scotland helped shape History major Patrick Layson’s goals for an academic career. Full Name: Robert Patrick Layson. Hometown: Perry. Residence: Warner Robins. High School: Perry High School. “I was ...

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Finding Greatness: Philip Kingston

February 29, 2016

Non-traditional student Philip Kingston is pursuing a new career in aviation tech. Full Name: Philip D. Kingston. Age: 53. Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colo. Residence: Eastman. Current Employment: Full-time student. Degree ...

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Finding Greatness: Taryn Gabriel

February 22, 2016

A standout cybersecurity student at #MGA, Taryn Gabriel is proving to be a great public spokesman about his field’s tremendous growth and job prospects. Full Name: Taryn Ricardo Gabriel. Hometown: Cochabamba, Bolivia. Residence: Macon. ...

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Finding Greatness: TyAsia Grayer

February 15, 2016

A six-foot forward for the Middle Georgia State Knights basketball team, TyAsia Grayer also stands tall in the classroom as she pursues her dream of becoming a dentist. Full Name: TyAsia DeVaughn Grayer. Age: 19. Hometown and ...

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Finding Greatness: Carlos Sandoval-Blanco

February 12, 2016

Student-athlete Carlos Sandoval-Blanco is a standout on and off the field. Full Name: Carlos Arturo Sandoval Blanco. Hometown:San Salvador, El Salvador. Residence: Cochran Campus. High School: "FESA. During high school, I ...

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Finding Greatness: Colin Penndorf

February 01, 2016

Interdisciplinary Studies major Colin Penndorf, a tutor for the History and Political Science department, is letting his love for the humanities drive his professional and personal ambitions. Full Name: Colin Forrest Penndorf. Age: 23. ...

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Finding Greatness: Kayla Bawkin

January 25, 2016

Student-athlete Kayla Bawkin, an aspiring teacher and coach, excels on and off the field. Full Name: Kayla Diane Bawkin. Age: 21. Hometown: Hoboken. Residence: Cochran. High School: Brantley County High School, where she ...

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Finding Greatness: Crystal Wisecup

January 19, 2016

A survivor of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, recent Middle Georgia State grad Crystal Wisecup is back to her dream career – teaching. Full Name: Crystal Nichole Wisecup. Age: 24. Hometown and Residence: Warner Robins. High School: Northside ...

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Finding Greatness: Dominique Whipple

December 07, 2015

Dominique Whipple, a recent graduate of Middle Georgia State's School of Education, is teaching at Bibb County’s Bruce Elementary School. Full name: Dominique Remon Whipple. Age: 30. Hometown: McIntyre. Residence: Macon. High ...

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Finding Greatness: Kylie Mims

November 30, 2015

Honors Program student Kylie Mims wants to earn a doctorate in adolescent delinquency prevention and intervention to help at-risk youth. She graduates in December with zero student loan debt. Full Name: Kylie Elana Mims. Age: ...

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Finding Greatness: Rasmus Arousell

November 16, 2015

International student Rasmus Arousell recently was named by the College Sports Information Directors of America to the District 1 Academic All-American team. Full Name: Rasmus Karl Mani Arousell. Age: 20. Hometown: Stockholm, ...

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Finding Greatness: Miguel A. Carmona

November 09, 2015

Miguel Carmona, Business major and SGA president, aspires to a career in corporate marketing and philanthropy. Full Name: Miguel A. Carmona III. Age: 22. Hometown: Barnwell, S.C. Residence: Macon. High School: Howard High ...

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Finding Greatness: Jesudunsin Mary Awoyeye

November 02, 2015

Aspiring CPA and lawyer Mary Awoyeye is a Middle Georgia State junior at age 18, thanks to the Move on When Ready dual-enrollment program. Full Name: Jesudunsin Mary Awoyeye. Age: 18. Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria. Residence: ...

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Finding Greatness: John Mark Allen

October 26, 2015

Psychology major John Mark Allen, known for his charming offbeatness, aspires to a career helping people in poverty. Full Name: John Mark Allen. Age: 20. Hometown: Hawkinsville. Residence: Cochran. High School: Homeschooled. ...

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Finding Greatness: Miranda Ross

October 12, 2015

Miranda Ross sees a grad degree in aeronautics and a career as a Delta Airlines pilot in her future. Full Name:Miranda Ross. Age: 23. Hometown:Doerun. Residence:Eastman. High School: “I graduated from Worth County High School as an ...

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Finding Greatness: Tara-Ann Taylor

September 28, 2015

President’s Torch Society member Tara-Ann Taylor found at MGA a welcoming environment as an adult learner. Full Name: Tara-Ann Taylor. Age: “I have 10 children. Do the math.” Hometown: Boerne, Texas. Residence: Kathleen. High ...

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Finding Greatness: Katie Gray

September 21, 2015

Aspiring English teacher Katie Gray is an ambassador of study abroad to fellow students. Full Name: Katherine “Katie" Sharon Gray. Age: 23. Hometown: Monticello. Residence: Macon. High School: “I graduated from Jasper County ...

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Finding Greatness: Juwan Severson

September 14, 2015

Juwan Severson’s experience as a Public Service major has inspired him to work toward building up a non-profit organization to help children. Full Name: Juwan Malik Severson. Age: 22. Hometown: Arlington, Ga. Residence: Macon. ...

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Finding Greatness: Charlita Wynn

August 31, 2015

A student leader on the Cochran Campus, Charlita Wynn aspires to a health services administration career in the public sector. Full Name: Charlita Latisha Wynn. Age: 23. Hometown: Albany. Residence: Cochran. Employment: Student ...

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Finding Greatness: Amanda Johnson

August 24, 2015

IT major Amanda Johnson, a President’s Torch Society member, wants to teach at her soon-to-be alma mater. Full Name: Amanda Johnson. Age: 35. Hometown: Vidalia. Residence: Warner Robins. Family: “I am married to my best friend ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Andrew Preston

April 27, 2015

Criminal justice major and Knights soccer player Andrew Preston wants a career in forensics investigations. Full Name: Andrew Louis Preston. Age: 23. Hometown: Seoul, South Korea. Residence: Hampton, Ga. High School: “I went to ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Immanuel Burney

March 24, 2015

English major Immanuel Burney plans to teach in China after graduation. Full Name: Immanuel Burney. Hometown & Residence: Jeffersonville. Family: Grandmother, Lorene Durham; mother, Doris Butler; sisters, Teresa Johnson, Shawanda ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Mikaela Clark

March 02, 2015

Psychology major Mikaela Clark is SGA director on the Dublin Campus. Full Name: Mikaela Nichole Clark. Age: 21. Hometown: East Dublin. High School: East Laurens High School, where she participated in Beta Club, GAMA Club and Art Club. ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Anastasiia Vasileva

February 16, 2015

Anastasiia Vasileva is on the President’s List and Knights tennis team – a true scholar-athlete. Full Name: Anastasiia Vasileva. Age: 20. Hometown: Perm, Russia. Residence: Cochran. High School: English School NF, where she ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Dakoda Neilson

February 09, 2015

Dakoda Neilson specializes in UAS research. Full Name: Dakoda Neilson. Age: 20. Hometown and Residence: Canton, Ga. High School: Creekview High School, where he was a member of the Aeronautics Club for 4 years and competed in the ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Elizabeth Kringer

January 20, 2015

Elizabeth Kringer plans to attend law school after graduation and pursue a political career. Full Name: Elizabeth Nicole Kringer. Age: 19. Hometown: Covington. Residence: Macon. High School: Homeschooled. Activities included Y-Club, ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Cody Meek

January 12, 2015

Cody Meek is a Warner Robins Campus SGA rep and aspiring digital designer. Full Name: Cody Meek. Hometown: “Colorado Springs, Colo., is where I was born, but I consider my hometown San Antonio, Texas.” Residence: Warner ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Monika Evans

October 27, 2014

Nursing major Monika Evans is a Cochran Campus student leader. Full Name: Monika Evans. Age: 26. Hometown: Smyrna. Residence: Cochran. High School: “I graduated from George Walton Comprehensive High School in 2007. I was a member ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Marcel Graham

October 13, 2014

Student leader and flight management major Marcel Graham just obtained his multi-engine commercial pilot license. Full Name: Marcel Graham. Hometown: Lakeview, N.Y. Residence: Loganville, Ga. High School: South Gwinnett High ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Tyler Lanciano

September 29, 2014

Tyler Lanciano’s passion for aviation is leading him to a career as a helicopter pilot. Full Name: Tyler Lanciano. Age: 19. Hometown and Residence: Newburgh, New York. High School: William Monroe High where he was active in doing ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Briana O'Neal

September 22, 2014

Full Name: Briana Charmisse O’Neal. Age: 21. Hometown and Residence: Dublin. High School: “I graduated from West Laurens High School in 2011. I played on the Lady Raiders Basketball team for four years and ran Cross Country for two ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Jessica Whitley

September 02, 2014

New Media major Jessica Whitley is one of the coordinators of KnighTVision, the college's video production club, and an aspiring pro photographer. Full Name: Jessica Whitley. Age: 25. Hometown: Conyers. Residence: Macon. High ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Ryan Niedermaier

August 25, 2014

Active in SGA and Residence Life, Business major Ryan Niedermaier plans a future in entrepreneurship and graduate education. Full Name: Ryan Niedermaier. Age: 21. Hometown: Dexter. Residence: Cochran. High School: West Laurens ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Angie Dubree

May 27, 2014

Angie Dubree is Middle Georgia State's 2014 Academic Recognition Day Scholar. Full Name: Angie Rebecca Dubree. Age: 38. Hometown: Warner Robins. Residence: Byron. High School: Northside High School. Family: Husband, Jerry ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Austin Jones

May 19, 2014

Psychology major Austin Jones is doing an internship this summer at the Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute. Full Name: Austin L. Jones Age: “I’m 33!” Hometown: Dublin. Residence: Dudley. Family: “I love all my ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Sylvia Moore

May 12, 2014

Sylvia Moore is the 2014 President’s Scholar, the highest award given to a graduating senior. Full Name: Sylvia Elizabeth Clements Moore. Age: 52. Hometown: Taylor Mill, Ky. “My mother was mayor there.” Residence: Warner Robins. ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Chrissonia L. McCall

May 05, 2014

Chrissonia McCall, a senior majoring in new media, was an intern with Georgia's Center of Innovation for Aerospace. Full Name: Chrissonia L. McCall. Age: 21. Hometown & Residence: Atlanta. High School: “I am a proud graduate of ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Michael Viox

April 28, 2014

Graduating senior Michael J. Viox was captain of the School of IT's cyber defense team, which recently finished in the top eight of Southeast regional competition. Full Name: Michael J. Viox. Age: 32. Hometown: Vancouver, ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Jenny McCartney

April 21, 2014

After completing her bachelor’s degree, flight student Jenny McCartney plans to become a bush pilot in Alaska. Full Name: Jenny McCartney. Age: 23. Hometown: McDonough, Ga., by way of Tampa, Fla. Residence: Eastman. High School: ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Courtney Walden

April 09, 2014

Courtney Walden earned a bachelor's degree in business to move into management at her job. Full Name: Courtney M. Walden. Age: 23. Hometown: Perry. Residence: Warner Robins. High School: Perry High School, where she participated ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Robert Fisher

March 31, 2014

Returning to college to complete his business degree has already paid off for Robert Fisher, director of marketing for Hardy Farms Peanuts in Hawkinsville. Full Name: Robert Fisher. Age: “50 and lovin' it!” Hometown: Myrtle Beach, S.C. ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Beth Brown

March 24, 2014

Longtime respiratory therapy program faculty member Beth Brown was a speaker at an RT conference in India. Full Name: Mary Elizabeth "Beth" Brown. Residence: Culloden. Originally From: Macon. Family: Husband, Mac Brown; three ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Chelsia A’Rielle Turner

March 17, 2014

Dublin Campus student leader Chelsia A’Rielle Turner hopes to build on a MGSC psychology degree and someday open a clinical practice with her brothers. Full Name: Chelsia A'Rielle Turner. Age: 19. Hometown: Atlanta. Residence: ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: LaVette Burnette

March 11, 2014

Popular communications professor LaVette Burnette sees teaching as a privilege. Full Name: LaVette M. Burnette. Residence: Cochran. Originally From: Louisville, Ky. Job Title: Associate Professor of Communication ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Janet Collins

February 24, 2014

Janet Collins is pursuing a nursing degree so she can develop a new career working with veterans or in home healthcare. Name: Janet Lynn Collins. Age: 46. Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska. Residence: Dexter. High School: A.J. Dimond ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Dr. Stephen Fuller

February 17, 2014

Dr. Stephen Fuller is a recent recipient of the prestigious Eudora Welty Prize from the University Press of Mississippi and Mississippi University for Women. Full Name: Stephen Fuller Residence: Kathleen. Originally From: Portsmouth, ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Betsy Sue Fitts

February 10, 2014

Honors student Betsy Sue Fitts is focused on a music performance and teaching career. Full Name: Betsy Sue Fitts. Age: 23. Hometown & Residence: Byron. High School: "My high school actually closed the year I graduated, but I ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Amy Carter

February 03, 2014

Amy Carter is part of a team helping MGSC students have great experiences outside the classroom. Full Name: Amy Carter Residence: Macon. Originally From: Savannah. Family: "I have five nieces and a nephew that are my world: Bridget, ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Kim Whitley

January 24, 2014

Kim Whitley's health services administration degree from what is now MGSC enhanced her executive career at the Medical Center of Central Georgia. Full Name: Kim C. Whitley, RN. Age: 56. Hometown: Atlanta. Residence: Macon. ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Elijah Maurice

January 17, 2014

A flight and logistics major, as well as SGA director for the Cochran Campus, Elijah Maurice aims for a future as an entrepreneur and missionary. Full Name: Elijah Maurice. Age: 21. Hometown: Miami, Fla. Residence: Cochran. ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Fred Baker

January 10, 2014

A high-profile student leader on the Macon Campus, aspiring psychologist Fred Baker is an executive member of the Campus Activities Board. Full Name: Frederick Charles Baker II. Age: 19. Hometown: “I grew up in Milledgeville but moved ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Gerry Reeves

December 02, 2013

Gerry Reeves, a senior business major, recently organized a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk on the Cochran Campus. Full Name: Gerry Reeves. Age: 23. Hometown & Residence: College Park. Family: Cassandra and Roger ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Christy Faulk

November 18, 2013

As services coordinator, Christy Faulk is dedicated to the success of students on the Eastman Campus. Full Name: Christy D. Faulk Hometown & Residence: Eastman Family: Husband, Ben Faulk; stepchildren, Taylor and Gavin Faulk; ...

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Middle Georgia State MVP: Jarvis Battle

November 08, 2013

Business major and aspiring financial planner Jarvis Battle works hard to provide quality activities for students as an executive officer of the Campus Activities Board. Full Name: Jarvis Markeem Battle. Age: 20. Hometown: Valdosta. ...

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